The birth of the cooking blog!

By Thursday, August 5, 2010

Tarte fine aux pommes

Okay… I am absolutely bursting with excitement right now, so brace yourselves…

I have been wanting to keep a personal blog for years. I have had many failed attempts since blogs came about, particularly since going to journalism school (commonly referred to as j-skool) and one successful attempt (Feleena’s), but it’s not a personal blog… it’s for the Mexican restaurant where I’ve worked for the past three years. Anyway… I have never had a consistent theme or subject on which to write, until today!

Forgive me if my excitement is jumping off the screen, but this is a brilliant idea and I just absolutely ecstatic.

For those of you who don’t already know me, I am somewhat of a little homemaker. I love knitting, cleaning, organizing, decorating, planning, and most of all, being creative in the kitchen. I love entertaining and cooking for my friends and family. I cook a lot of obscure things, like Asian-infused dishes, and I have a couple celebrity cooks I follow, but only a handful of cookbooks. Anyway, most people who are at all close to me have experienced my cooking or baking, and I think it’s relatively safe to say the majority of them have been dazzled. (If you object… you can voice it in a comment below!)

To be honest, I’m a solid cook, but I cut a lot of corners, skip ingredients, I don’t measure, and I am incredibly messy. My boyfriend, (here on out to be referred to as ­­­My Other Half) gets totally exasperated with me every time I cook for him because there are twice as many dirty dishes (in his opinion) as there needs to be. (Whatever). Point is… I’m rather unorthodox in the kitchen and every now and then the results are a bit wonky.

So how did I stumble across this brain-wave idea? Well… I just had the most ridiculous, dangerous and frustrating kitchen experience ever. And no one was around to witness it! I thought to myself “hey… I definitely need to write about this. This was just too nuts to go unreported!” So… here we are! You’re reading Julia’s brand-spankin’-new cooking blog.

This idea is actually genius because am constantly calling my dad, mother, aunt, grandfather, uncle and whoever will listen about my exploits in the kitchen. My mom (I actually call her Mama… she doesn’t like being called “Mom” or “Mommy” because she says it’s too common) uses my recipes and I think I have actually been the catalyst for her becoming more adventurous in the kitchen. We grew up as a pretty normal meat-and-potato-and-often-salad family… not unusual being British. So not only am I decent in the kitchen, I’m already influencing others, and I don’t even have a blog yet!

Julia’s blog. The title is in the works, but you heard it here first: it’s about cooking. And not just about recipes, trials and tribulations, but all the other factors… special occasions, my friends, family, etc. I will keep it as spicy and entertaining as possible, and try to update as much as possible too.

I’m excited! I hope you are too. I’ll post new entries to Facebook and Twitter and the like, so everyone’s in the loop. Happy cooking!

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  • Talia
    August 6, 2010

    A NEW BLOG!!! ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!

    You can bet your buttery buns (food pun!) I will be your most devout follower. Why? a) because i love your writing, b) your blog in highschool made my life, and c) because i love food.

    Love this idea. Love you.


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