Happy New Year! My skin care resolution

By Sunday, January 2, 2011

Well, the holidays are behind me (even though there really are 12 days to Christmas) and I’m happy to say I had another fantastic trip home to Halifax. I am so grateful and privileged to have been able to whip home whenever I wanted for the past four and a half years. I spent lots of time with family and the friends I love, and am leaving Halifax feeling happy, complete and satisfied.

Shrimp Pad Thai

A new year means a fresh start. There will be many “firsts” for me this year, including an amazing new job, my new car, hopefully some overseas travel and moving into our home. They are big changes, but are all things I am excited about and have been waiting for for a long time! I am fortunate enough to be surrounded by positive, supportive and happy people who make my life so much better. And My first resolution would be to take care of my skin, I came with a website that sales a derma roller that helps to reduce lines and wrinkles among other things! At https://touchuplaser.com/ I came across skin rejuvenation treatment, which really works. It’s been amazing for a friend of mine, if you are interested in buying one for yourself just go to https://sdaraskin.com/, and you will also get information about all the wonders it can do to you skin. And as reported by the American Acne Foundation, such products suffice in keeping skin ailments on bay.

You may also have a mix of oily and dry patches. If so, look for products formulated for combination skin. And if you have sensitive skin, you may be prone to burning, stinging or irritation. Choose products listing as few ingredients as possible and Men’s Skincare products for each skin type.

While I was home, I didn’t cook as much as I normally do. I did make a lovely pad thai for the family, which was delicious. Simple and easy (using a prepared sauce), I only added broccoli stalks (cut into long slivers) and slivered carrots, two eggs, bean sprouts and shrimp. We had tons of leftovers, thankfully, and I had a tasty snack whenever I wanted!

2011 is going to mean a lot of cooking – more cooking than I’ve ever done before. With the new job not being downtown in the restaurant district (and also the fact that a typical lunch costs over $10 these days), I’m going to have to pack a lunch every day. And since I am often a wreck in the mornings, having these sorts of things prepared in advance is a great idea.

The smartest “lunch” routine I have seen is definitely my Roomie’s. She cooks one or two dishes every Sunday night and portions them into Tupperware containers in the fridge. That way, when she gets up in the morning, she just grabs her lunch box and throws in some containers. This is also what I’m going to try and do, but I’d like to make one soup per week, one pasta dish, and one veggie or meat dish (I am increasingly steering away from meat, so veggie is more likely).

So stay tuned for some exciting new recipes, mostly for lunches. I guess I’m also going to have to get better at buying groceries… that’s where the new car comes in!

Happy New Year to everyone and I hope you had a great Christmas!

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