Battle of the Soups: Oh She Glows vs. Guy Fieri

By Sunday, November 6, 2011

There’s no denying it – it’s officially fall and winter is just around the corner. In the mornings I face the harsh reality of scraping the ice off my car and walking on my front lawn, crunchy with frost.

The perfect comfort when it’s freezing outside – and it’s -2 as I write this – is something to warm you up inside… hot chocolate, a cup of tea, or soup. Growing up, my family went to church every Sunday from September until June (I mean it – every single Sunday) and when we got home, we always had the same lunch – soup and crackers.

We’d have all sorts of soups. Often packaged or canned, and we’d make a couple different kinds, but sometimes my Mama would thaw her homemade soup from the freezer. Her speciality was always split pea soup. As a small child I would complain about the bits of hard ham and fat, but as I grew up I really appreciated the homemade touch. Fact is, a good homemade soup is infinitely more enjoyable than any bought soup.

I’ve talked before about my love of soup and how I started making soups at my first job. Being a self-declared soup connoisseur and having worked in many restaurants, I can tell between a homemade soup and a store-bought soup when eating out (and you’d be surprised how many restaurants fake it and do not make their own soup!) This is always disappointing to me because it shows that people don’t realize how incredibly easy it is to make soup from scratch.

Today I’m going to present two easy and healthy soups that are really similar. I’ve made both soups and I really can’t decide which one is better. I urge my readers to make both and offer their opinion!

I have been following the lovely vegan food blog Oh She Glows for a couple months now. She recently posted this festive soup and I just had to try it. Carrot Apple Ginger Soup just screams “fall and thanksgiving” to me!

I made this easy soup for our lunches in October and it was fantastic. You could taste all the parts equally – the carrot, the apple and the hint of ginger. The texture was perfect (I really love blended soups!) It was definitely a hit in my household as it was gone just a day after I made it. And healthy! It’s like having liquid vegetables… that taste amazing!

A couple weeks later when we had family houseguests from Halifax, I was rooting through My Other Half’s beloved Guy Fieri cookbook. Now, I really do adore Guy Fieri. His recipes are full-flavour – and full-fat – and absolutely mouth-watering. However… they are A LOT of work. So when I came across his very simple recipe for Ginger Carrot Soup, I was intrigued. Guy is known for his complicated recipes with dozens of ingredients – I wondered… will this basic soup recipe live up to his full-flavour reputation?

So when my parents visited last weekend, I made Guy’s soup as an appetizer. And it was fantastic. The recipe was really similar to the Oh She Glows version, but contained a potato instead of an apple. It also used thyme instead of nutmeg.

I made some minor changes to both recipes – for the Oh She Glows soup, I used chicken stock instead of vegetable stock (I can’t taste the difference). In Guy’s recipe, I omitted some things – I didn’t use yogurt or honey and I used a regular onion. I also used toasted almonds for garnish instead of pine nuts.

I will say that Guy’s recipe wasn’t gingery enough for me at the start, so I added another full tablespoon of freshly minced ginger. However, I did leave out some things he called for and substituted some minor things. So I can’t really knock his recipe for the lack-of-flavour, because I didn’t follow his instructions exactly.

Anyway, the point is that both recipes were really good. I’d be more inclined to make the Oh She Glows version next time, but I’d be interested to try a “by the book” version of Guy’s recipe. Regardless, both soups are perfect for this fall weather during a cozy Sunday lunch at home.


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