Three Recipes I’ve Tried Lately

By Friday, March 23, 2012

Spring has sprung! There’s an energy in the air that makes me so excited for barbeques, bathing suits, outdoor soccer season and warm nights. I can practically taste summer!

Ottawa has been breaking all sorts of temperature records lately. The sunshine has made me extra motivated –I’ve been tackling “to do” lists at home and at work and whizzing through my “recipes to make” list too!

Because I can’t possibly write about all the delicious recipe testing I’ve been doing lately, here’s a brief summary with the highlights.

We had what I call an “impromptu date night” on a Tuesday over a bottle of wine and some yummy Lime Chicken Fajitas I found on Pinterest. Who needs an Old El Paso kit when you can easily make fajita seasoning from scratch? They were great!

march-2012-004 (Small)

My friend Julia Fauteux noticed how much I like soups and sent me a great recipe for Squash and Carrot Soup. Crazy story, but not only do Julia and I have the same name, but we have the same birthday too – October 27th (we’re separated by one year) and our dads are best friends. The recipe she sent was fantastic, and I only made two changes – First, I took a shortcut and cooked the onion, squash and carrots in a frying pan. Secondly, I added both the curry powder AND the garam masala (one of my favourite spices, after paprika). The more spice, the better! The soup was delicious and VERY nutritious with all that carrot.

Squash and Carrot Soup

My Other Half has been travelling a ton lately, so I’ve had to motivate myself to make recipes for one. Pasta is great for leftovers and lunches, so I tried this Garlic Shrimp Pasta Toss from Canadian Living. It was super quick and easy.

Garlic Shrimp Pasta Toss

I also got to cook with anchovies for the first time – a very curious experience – which was hilarious because I get them confused with artichokes all the time. Good thing My Other Half was at the grocery store with me to steer me in the right direction!

There you have it – three quick and easy recipes to change up your routines. I hope you’re all feeling as creative and energetic as me right now! Productivity is contagious. Soak up the sun and make the most of every day!

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