The Big Reveal, Part 3: The Linen Closet Reorganization Project

By Friday, February 8, 2013

I know, I know. No space could be as bad as my pantry, right?

Well… that’s mostly true. But I do have another area in my house for my stockpiling: my linen closet.

It holds linen, of course – towels, sheets, etc. – but also my stockpiles of toilet paper, Kleenex and other bathroom things like shampoo, body wash, razors etc.

Most people just buy toothpaste when they need it, right? Not me! This stuff is expensive, so when it goes on sale, I buy as much as I can. Especially when it’s the brands I love.

Like my pantry, the linen closet was getting out of hand. It basically looked like I’d just chucked everything in haphazardly. See for yourself:

My “Shoppers shelf” was also a disaster and my bin where I store all our medicine:



Just like with the pantry, nothing was organized so I didn’t know what I had. And that’s when I waste money buying duplicate products. So I decided to do a clean-up!

First, I ripped everything out of the closet and started fresh. I sorted the Shoppers shelf with My Other Half’s things on the right and my stuff on the left. He must love my Shoppers Drug Mart addiction because he never has to buy any toiletries!



I kept the shampoo together (mine, obviously), lotion together, body wash together… you get my drift. Things were starting to look a lot better.

I also got rid of a lot of excess packaging. I’ve already bought the products and am going to use them, so why not throw it out? It helps save on space.

Then I tackled the medicine box. I took everything out, sorted it, through some stuff out, and then arranged it in a much neater fashion with similar items grouped together. Now we can actually see what I have in there! I also group our vitamins together for easier access.

I also (obviously) re-folded the towels and moved all the sheets to the empty dresser in our spare bedroom. I have so much more space to work with.

And now it’s the prettiest linen closet! Check out the before and after to really grasp the progress made.

I hope everyone got a kick out of my hoarding and pantry/linen closet reorganization posts. Now the trick is just to keep then tidy!

  • Brigitte Hartt
    February 8, 2013

    somehow I found this post much more shocking than the pantry one. Love the new look, doesn’t it feel good?

    • Julia Kent
      February 11, 2013

      YES! Love it when I open closets and everything is neat and tidy 🙂 Surpirsed you were more shocked by this!!!

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