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By Friday, June 21, 2013

I’m taking a break from the recipe-related posts today to give you an update on where I’ve been getting my inspiration lately!


I follow a lot of blogs. I recently switched to using Feedly to track them all (since my beloved Google Reader retired) and although I have had a hard time getting used to it, it’s finally starting to click. I group the blogs I follow by category – food, DIY, friends’ blogs etc. That makes it easy to find what I’m looking for and filter through all the mess.

There are only three food blogs that I read devoutly – meaning I never miss a single post. I dream (seriously, it’s happened) of meeting these three amazingly talented ladies!

How Sweet It Is
This is a new obsession. I have always had this blog in my Google Reader, but only since transferring to Feedly and getting sucked in by her gorgeous photography did I actually decide it was one of my favourites. We basically have identical taste buds, so every recipe she posts makes my mouth water. The blogger, Jessica, is also very funny and makes me laugh, so that’s a bonus. And I can relate to her wanting carbs constantly and hating coffee (although she recently betrayed me on the latter).

Eat Live Run
This is a blog I’ve been reading for a while, but I like it for different reasons. Jenna is a chef and devout Christian, which adds a different twist from the other blogs I follow. I feel like I can relate to her because of this – it’s really rare to find a 20-something like myself who is also religious (at least in Canada). I love how open and honest she is. Her blog is primarily recipes, but she also write a lot about her life. My favourite posts are her book reviews – she reads a ton and I really look forward to hearing her thoughts. And, she just got married (and looked adorable, obviously).

Oh She Glows
Although she’s in the middle of writing her first cookbook and not recipe-testing as much, this blog is an old faithful for me. I’ve been following it for about two years and love that a) Angela is Canadian and b) that she’s so health-conscious. Her recipes are vegan and amazing. She tackles really challenging things (like making her own dairy-free milk) and developed the original recipes for the Green Monster, which inspired me to experiment with my On-The-Go Green Smoothie.

Now I want to hear from you! What are your favourite food blogs? Leave a comment and let me know!

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  • Diana
    June 21, 2013

    Hi Julia! I love blogs as well 🙂 I see that you also read young house love – it’s great inspiration as we’re looking at buying our first home now…and it’s obviously going to be a starter home!

    Anywho-food blogs…must focus…
    I love http://www.paleomg.com ; http://www.lindawagner.net/blog and http://www.nutritionsuccess.org.
    Linda Wagner’s blog- I love it because the recipes are really healthy and are pretty easy to make. She’s in love with smoothies/juices but also has great shorter recipes that you can modify if you don’t have one of her ingredients. She’s super duper healthy and just does things a little differently, I think. PaleOmg is hilarious, she’s younger, and eats paleo 80% of the time- like a normal person. Her recipes are just easy for normal people- yet creative- (I made the rutabega (turnip) hash and it was great). Again, super fun to read. I just love her.
    The last one is our friend Jackie Dikos- she’s a super accomplished sports nutritionist (published in magazines/articles) and her blog is informative and has good recipes/nutrition ideas for endurance athletes, etc.

    Thanks for sharing your faves- enjoy!

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