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By Monday, January 13, 2014

If we were chatting over a cup of tea this morning, I’d be bursting with pride over the amazing photos my new camera is taking!!! Have you seen them yet? If not, you can check out my energy bites, roasted red pepper and sweet potato soup and my perogies. Oh and my sunshine soup. I am so excited and basically just want to photograph food constantly now. Practice makes perfect!

Roasted Red Pepper & Sweet Potato Soup

If we were chatting over a cup of tea this morning, I might ask you about your new year’s resolutions, or your goals for the coming year. I don’t think I’ve ever written about mine on the blog, except for my annual reading challenge, but this year I thought I’d mention them to be held accountable. They are:

  1. Make a smoothie for breakfast during the work week. More often than not, it will be my On-The-Go Green Smoothie.
  2. Train and complete my first half-marathon with gusto. I hate running with a passion, so this will be really hard. Thankfully my two best friends are doing it with me.
  3. Read more. Actually. Year after year, this is my goal. In 2011, I read 19 books. In 2012, I read 28 books. In 2013, I read 27. I feel I will never be satisfied until I’m reading a book per week. This year I absolutely must read 30. Minimum.
  4. Work on my food photography, obviously. I have a LOT to learn and a long way to go.
  5. Stay off electronics after work. I stare at a computer screen more than 40 hours a week. When I get home, I should be re-charging and doing the things I love – cooking, reading, and spending quality time with my fiancé.
  6. Oh, umm… plan a wedding and marry the man of my dreams.

Speaking of which, if we were chatting over a cup of tea, I’d tell you we set a date and booked our church and venue! We’re getting married on new year’s eve and I could not be more excited. We decided, though, that because our dating anniversary is so special to us (it’s the 366th day of the year, so it only comes around on leap years) we’re going to continue to celebrate that date even if our wedding anniversary will technically be December 31st. I just can’t imagine celebrating a different date when February 29th is so special!

If we were chatting over a cup of tea this morning, I’d have another anniversary to talk about – as of January 6th, I’ve been working for MHPM for three years. I have no idea where the time goes! I’m pretty thankful I have a challenging, supportive and flexible job, working with wonderful people.


If we were chatting over a cup of tea this morning, I would talk about the Ottawa restaurant gezellig, and how much I love their lunch menu – two small plates for $20! I’ve been twice recently and am always impressed. I particularly love the reasonably-priced Lotus cabernet sauvignon they have (and Union Local 613 also has it). Anyway, any place that offers lunch that good for $20 is high on my favourite restaurants list.

Gezellig on Urbanspoon


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