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By Monday, February 3, 2014

If we were chatting over a cup of tea, I’d tell you I need to slowww downnn. Did you read this post by one of my favourite bloggers, Eat Live Run? If you haven’t, you should. I feel exactly as Jenna did just a few months ago – since Christmas I haven’t stopped. Between traveling and being out every weeknight until 10pm, my body shut down twice in January and I was sicker than I’ve been in many years. I’m going to try to spend more time at home in February – reading, cooking and getting lots of rest.

San Fransisco

If we were chatting over a cup of tea, I’d be way overdue to tell you about our trip to San Francisco! My Other Half planned the whole thing. Neither of us had ever been to California and he’s a huge Indiana Pacers fan, and they were playing in Oakland against the Golden State Warriors… so he booked us a trip! It was an amazing long weekend with great weather and gorgeous sights. We even got a change to visit my Uncle Mark at his beautiful home (which I’d heard of for 15+ years but never seen). We can’t wait to go back!

If we were chatting over a cup of tea, I’d inform you that my signature smart car is no more. That’s right – I got rid of it! After living with only two seats for three years, it was high time. I have wonderful things to say about the car, including how inexpensive it is and how well it drives in icy conditions, but there were a lot of downfalls too, like the tiny tires that get stuck in any more than a few inches of snow, the bad heating system and, well… only having two seats. Most of the time it was OK, especially since I HATE DRIVING (seriously, really hate it) and therefore never had to chauffeur more than one passenger, but it was super inconvenient when, say, my parents or BFF Kacie were in town or something. Anyway, I got a brand spankin’ new Jetta and so far am loving it. RIP smarty pants car!

If we were chatting over a cup of tea this morning, I’d tell you about the tutored bourbon tasting I went to with some girlfriends at Petit Bill’s Bistro! I’d never been, and am a relatively new bourbon lover, so I was super excited. We had a great time, but quickly learned that drinking neat bourbon all night is wayyy out of our league. We started with two delicious maple bacon manhattans, and then five small courses, each paired with a bourbon or whiskey. Overall we felt our bourbon “tutor” talked way too much (like, nonstop) but the food was so good it was worth it. It was my first time at Petit Bill’s and I’ll definitely be back!


The biggest highlight of the last two weeks was definitely the big surprise I got before our Ottawa engagement party – my matron of honour and cousin, Kelly, walked off the plane when I went to pick up my parents form the airport. I bawled like a baby. Our family has a thing for surprises, and I LOVE surprises (I actually have a theory on how they’re the spice of life). Anyway, it was so incredibly special for her to be there for our party, which was thrown by my two Ottawa bridesmaids. She’s also six months pregnant and her baby belly is the cutest thing I’ve ever seen! I am so excited to meet my little nephew in May. A HUGE thank you to all our Ottawa friends for making our second engagement party so special!

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