How to Make a Spring Wreath

By Friday, April 25, 2014

It’s spring!!! And you probably need a craft to make this weekend. Spring Wreath   For those expecting a new recipe this morning, I’m sorry. But life got in the way! Fortunately crafty posts like this are far less time-consuming to put together than recipe development 🙂 So three years ago when we bought our house, I declared I was not going to have any holiday decorations in it. I know, that’s a complete lie, because since I made that bold statement, I began decking out our living room for Christmas every year. But you won’t find any Halloween, Easter or Valentine’s Day stuff. Why? Well, growing up we had decorations for EVERY occasion. So much so that it felt like I was permanently being nagged to either put them up or take them down. It felt like as soon as one holiday was over, another began, which meant more decorations. By the time I got my own place, I was sick of them. Spring Wreath   And that’s why I vowed not to have decorations (at least until we had children), with the exception of one thing – seasonal wreaths! I’m not into exterior decorations either, not surprisingly. My Other Half always wants to put up lights at Christmas and I’m like NO WAY. I’m just not a fan (unless they’re all white lights, but even then I’m skeptical). No, I’m not Scrooge… I just love the simplicity of a classic Christmas wreath. Spring Wreath The same goes for fall. You might find a single pumpkin on our front step, and a fall wreath I bought a few years ago, but that’s it. For the last four springs, though, I’ve been hunting for a nice, reasonable-priced spring wreath. Something not too Easter-y. Since I wasn’t willing to spend $50 on something from Winners (why are wreathes so expensive), I finally resolved to make my own. And you can too! Spring Wreath   My equipment 1 piece of foam pipe insulation, long enough for your wreath Duct tape Greenery to cover the foam (I got mine at the Dollarama) Green ties (optional) What I did was really simple. I formed a circle with the foam and taped the ends together. I then wrapped the green vines around the foam and secured it with duct tape. I then broke apart the coloured greenery and stabbed each piece directly into the foam, pointing in the same direction. I did this all the way around until it looked even. Then, to secure everything and bring it all together, I put thin green ties in four places around the wreath (you can’t even see them). Spring Wreath I was pretty happy with the end results, especially since it only cost me $10! Now our front step has a nice seasonal wreath. If only the temperatures were more spring-like in Ottawa! What are you DIYing or crafting lately? Let me know! Spring Wreath


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