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By Monday, April 28, 2014

If we were chatting over a cup of tea, I’d have wedding news! Well, kinda. My girls have begun getting sized for their bridesmaids dresses and I am just madly in love with them. The dresses and the girls, that is. They are so gorgeous and the dresses are so elegant! It made me super excited for the big day, which is only eight months away. We also chose our invitations and are getting ready to order those, so that makes it all the more real.

If we were chatting over a cup of tea this morning, I’d ask you if we can talk about gas prices?! What is going on, people?! I am so angry, mostly because I now spend $70 on a fill-up when I used to spend $45 in the smart car, but also because gas is so damn expensive. I remember when it was $0.75 a litre. I know it’s more expensive back home in Halifax, but here it’s almost $1.38, which is CRAZY. When I bought my smart car three years ago, it hovered just over $1.00! Grrrr.

Julia Kent

If we were chatting over a cup of tea, I’d tell you I’m getting better at curling my hair! Those who know me well know that I’m not exactly into putting effort into my hair… or my make-up… or my wardrobe, for that matter. I just have bigger fish to fry. Anyway, lately I’ve been bored with straight locks and started experimenting with my curling iron and rollers. It started out rocky but is slowly improving!

If we were chatting over a cup of tea, I’d tell you I finished And The Mountains Echoed by Khaled Hosseini! It was so good – definitely one of the better books I’ve ready lately. I can’t say it was as good his other two, but it definitely lived up to my expectations. Now if only he’d publish novels more often!


If we were chatting over a cup of tea, I’d tell you about my wicked weekend. On Friday, we celebrated my cousin-to-be’s 37th birthday at The Crazy Horse. I’d never eaten there before and it was really good! Delicious steaks. On Saturday, I ran 10km (my self-proclaimed rest week) and then went to the Ottawa Gala with three girlfriends. It was such a great night. Yesterday, we got up, had breakfast bagels at Kettleman’s (best bagels in the city) and then went to Le Nordik for the day, following by a meal at Chelsea Pub. The weather was glorious. Today I’ve feeling rejuvenated, rested and happy!

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