Five Favourites

By Wednesday, September 24, 2014

This is my second Five Favourites post! For the first one, click here.

Today I’m going to share my five favourite pasta recipes of all time!

Brown Butter, Fiddlehead & Mushroom Gnocchi – Does gnocchi count as pasta? It does to me. This is mind-blowingly delicious.

Gnocchi FIddlehead

Butternut Squash & Goat Cheese Risotto – If you haven’t made this yet, this fall is your time. This risotto (again – is it pasta?) is straight from heaven.


Cajun Penne with Chipotle Shrimp & Chorizo – One of my favourite recipes ever. Seriously. I’ve made it countless times and people still request it.


Orange Chipotle Shrimp Pasta – Low in calories and super fast to make. I absolutely devour this dish.


Leek, Bacon & Portobello Mushroom Carbonera – Insanely good. Like, I-want-four-helpings good.


Honourable mention must go to this Lemon & Mushroom Linguine because it’s My Other Half’s favourite.

What’s your favourite pasta dish? Let me know below!

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