Pregnancy Update – Month 6

By Wednesday, January 13, 2016

I feel like it’s been forever since I last talked pregnancy things!

Month six is over and I’ve just started the third trimester. One three months to go.

What the what?

Expectant Mothers Parking

After Christmas, I definitely started panic a bit, as in, we’re going to have a baby. Up until the holidays, I was in my own little world, enjoying being pregnant, feeling kicks and having a fun little belly. But then something clicked and I realized a baby is coming, soon, and when it gets here we can’t give it back. It’s ours to keep!

(Not that we’d ever want to give it back, obviously.)

At about 25 weeks, I also realized we had absolutely nothing for the baby. What if BH decides to come early? Although unlikely (most of my friends have been overdue with their first), we had no car seat, no stroller, no diapers, no crib. Nothing. I talked to My Other Half and he was thinking the same thing, so we decided we should maybe take this whole “we’re going to be parents” thing seriously and start to prepare.

Not that we’ve done much – we really haven’t. But we have a stroller and a car seat and all our cloth diapers (yes, we’re doing cloth diapers) so that’s a start.

On to the weekly highlights!

Week 22 – We had a really great doctor’s appointment this week! Our doctor said my progress was ideal and the baby was unusually strong. The night before, I caught BH on video kicking so hard you could see it poking through my belly! As the doctor tried to check the baby’s heartbeat, BH kept kicking her, which we had a good laugh about.

Week 23 – We were in Halifax for Christmas and stayed very busy. It’s always challenging when we go home because there are so many people to see! Every day was jam-packed with family time. Over the holidays, BH started kicking really high (up to my ribs) and deep into my sides. It feels so strange, especially on the sides!

Week 24 – On Christmas Day, we reached the “viability point” of pregnancy, which is apparently the point in which the baby could survive outside the womb (with a lot of medical assistance, but still). Although there’s no reason for us to believe BH could come early, it was a neat milestone to hit. While we were in Halifax, almost all our family felt the baby kick at least once!

Week 25 – The baby’s kicking is now so hard it keeps me up at night! Honestly, sometimes the kicks are so strong it startles me. My Other Half loves feeling them! It now feels like there’s an actual little person inside me, which can be a tiiiiny bit creepy and weird (but also incredible). In other news, I found a photo of my cousin when she was exactly 7 months pregnant with my nephew Camden, and at 5.5 months I was already bigger than her. And my mother told me she doesn’t think she was as big as me when she delivered. Womp womp.

Everyone’s favourite question for me is “how are you feeling?”, which I never feel like I have a good answer for. “Normal”, “fine”, and “great” all sound so… blah. I almost want to say I feel better pregnant. I’m very lucky to have had such an easy pregnancy so far, but I also feel like I’m letting people down when I have nothing interesting to report. However, I’m quite convinced my luck will change and I’ll either have a terrible last trimester, difficult labour or really challenging baby… so I’m sure I’ll get mine, don’t worry!

Otherwise, I’ve definitely started to wonder about the gender a bit more. Until recently, I hadn’t given it much thought. It still doesn’t matter to us at all, but it’s fun to imagine each scenario. I love hearing people’s guesses! Of course, though, a healthy baby is the most important thing.

26 Weeks |

How far along: 26 weeks, 3 days

Baby is the size of a: Eggplant, head of iceberg lettuce… something like that!

Weight gain: I hit the 10-lb mark this morning!

Maternity clothes: Almost 100% in maternity clothes now. I have a few tops and some dresses I can still wear, but I gravitate towards my maternity clothes because they’re more comfortable at this stage.

Symptoms: Not much! Feeling energetic, motivated and excited. The belly is growing exponentially, if that counts as a symptom.

Movement: Non-stop kicks. Seriously – the baby is so active, I sometimes wonder when it sleeps?!

Sleep: Very good! Still can’t get used to the Snoogle, and sometimes BH’s super hard kicks keep me up, but generally sleeping very well (at least better than I did before getting pregnant)!

What I miss: I thought I would miss drinking way more than I do. I’m actually used to it now and don’t mind parties, dinners or gatherings where I can’t drink. I do miss playing soccer though!

Cravings: Nothing! I’m so boring. No aversions either. I’m definitely eating more lately, though – My Other Half laughs at me because I want snacks immediately after finishing supper.

Moment of the month: Probably our first wedding anniversary on New Year’s Eve. It was extra special knowing that we’re starting a family together this year!

Most excited about: My baby showers! They’re not for a while but unlike my bridal showers (I felt kinda awkward about those, although they were lovely), I’m really looking forward to celebrating BH.

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  • AllieF
    January 30, 2016

    Long-time reader, have never commented before. Wanted to get my guess in – you look like you’re expecting a boy, but that’s based on how I looked when I was pregnant with my son – huge out front but the rest of you looks as slim as ever. (With my girls, I gained weight all over, face, butt, stomach, in fact, some people didn’t even know I was pregnant, they just thought I was gaining weight.) You look so healthy, and I’m glad you’re feeling well during your pregnancy.

    • Julia Kent
      February 2, 2016

      Hi Allie! I’m so happy you commented. I think it’s a boy too, so you’re probably right. I have lots of time to gain weight though, so stay tuned haha… Thanks for reading along and don’t be shy to comment again! xo

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