Pregnancy Favourites – 2nd Trimester

By Tuesday, March 8, 2016

As promised, I’m back with the products I loved during my second trimester!

For my 1st trimester favourites, click here.

Purlisse Gentle Soymilk Cleanser & Makeup Remover – My skin has been so weird lately (which may or may not be related to my pregnancy) but coming home after a work day and washing my face with this face wash is the best thing ever. I’ve NEVER used a better face wash! It takes off all my make-up so easily (even mascara). I first fell in love with it from through Ipsy, but my friend gave me a big bottle for my birthday too.

Thyme Maternity Essence Active Leggings – I got a pair of these (in a weird blue pattern) at Babies R Us for $7 on clearance. They’re amazing! I’m not crazy about the pattern, but they’re the comfiest thing I own.

Assets Tights – I bought black ones in Texas back in November, and while they were expensive (around $30), I have practically worn them out. Dresses are my go-to these days, and black is awesome for winter. I love how they go totally up and over the belly, instead of cutting you off somewhere in between, which is not a good look. I’d buy these in every single colour if I saw them again! So far I haven’t found them from a Canadian retailer.

Bath & Body Works 3-Wick Candles – I know this isn’t pregnancy-specific, but I have been completely obsessed with burning these amazing candles. I love coming home from work, lighting one, making dinner and then hanging around the living room reading (pregnancy books or otherwise). I can’t choose one scent because I love them all! I’m never home without lighting one of these.

Chapters Indigo – For the best, highest-quality baby items, but also for nursery decor ideas. They have a MASSIVE selection and it’s really easy to get overwhelmed, but it’s really fun to browse all the beautiful (if not expensive) products as well.

David’s Tea Spiced Apple – As I’ve been trying to watch my caffeine intake since finding out I was pregnant, I turn to herbal teas more and more. This one actually tastes like apple cider, not tea! My Other Half also loves it, and he says most tea just tastes like water. I love it!

FitBit Charge HR – I got this from my parents for Christmas, right in the middle of my second trimester, and I am completely obsessed. Once I got over how ugly it is (it’s not so bad once you’re used to it), I became so motivated to get my 10,000 steps in each day (which is really hard!), and to track my sleep and water intake. I really love it and it’s helping me stay as active as possible while pregnant.

Bullet Journal – I’ve mentioned this in my Monday Tea Time posts already, but starting to bullet journal has been the best decision (for peace of mind) I’ve made since becoming pregnant. In my second trimester, I had quite a few meltdowns due to “pregnancy brain” – at times, I was easily overwhelmed and visibly scattered, so much so that I forgot appointments and confused days (which, if you know me, is completely out of character). I now cannot imagine my life without my bullet journal, which keeps me organized, productive and at ease. I use it for everything – personal, work, grocery lists, recipe lists, hospital bag packing lists… everything. Pregnancy brain, be gone!

Sprout – I paid for this app (I think it was $4.99) and it’s by far our favourite. There are lots out there, and we also really liked Pregnancy+, but this is the one I’d recommend, if you’re going to invest in just one.

Gap Maternity – Other than the two items listed above, every item of maternity clothing I’ve purchased has come from the Gap. Their stuff is good quality, not too pricey (there are always sales if you sign up for their emails), and the return policy is great if you buy something online and it doesn’t fit. I’ve bought very, very few things (thanks to two wonderful girlfriends who loaned me all their mat clothes), but for the special items I wanted to invest in, the Gap has been awesome.

As usual, I have not received compensation for any of these links – they’re just the things I liked in my second trimester! 

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